What is a club shop?

A club/school shop is an excellent place to order all your team’s kit in one, easy to use, place. Your team decides which items are best for them and how they would like the products personalised and we create an online shop just for you. With a secure login system, no need to worry about other stumbling across your shop.

Is there a difference between pre-order and stock products?

Yes, our stock items are held in our UK warehouse, so they are available for despatch all year round*. Pre-order items are products that are made especially for your school/team and therefore have longer lead-times as they are created once your shop opening window has closed.

*Subject to availability

What is a pre-order opening window?

Our pre-order products operate on an open and close pre-order window basis where you will be able to place orders for these products during this time only. These items are marked by a red triangle in the top right corner. Not all shops offer pre-order products, some opting to sell stock items only and therefore have no need for an opening window.

On the closing date, specified on your shop, we collate all orders and begin the 7-9 week manufacturing process (subject to MOQ's being met). Once complete your order will be sent to you as a priority; via the method selected at the checkout stage.

During a closed window, pre-order items will still be visible, but unavailable for purchase. Stock items are accessible and offered all year round, with a turnaround time of 7-10 working days - subject to availability.

Once the dates for the next pre-order open window have been determined, the shop will then re-open where the same process will apply.

What is an MOQ and where does it apply?

An MOQ - or Minimum Order Quantity – relates to how many of each pre-order product is ordered. Most pre-order items have an MOQ of 10 meaning
that your shop must order at least 10 of any one item for it to be made in our factory. These 10 items can be in different sizes but must be the same product.

In the event that your pre-order item has not met the MOQ, your shop may wish to top up the order or cancel the order altogether, in which case you will be notified by our sales team and will receive a refund for your product.

How long are your lead times?

Our lead-times, the time is takes to manufacture your product and have it shipped out to you, are anticipated between 7-9 weeks for pre-order products and 7-10 days for stock products.

Lead-times may reduce or fluctuate depending on the time of year and demand. If your shop’s lead-times are affected, a note will be added to your shop’s homepage.

When will I receive my order and what is the cost?

Each club shop offers different delivery options to suit their team’s needs best. Please refer to your delivery tab once you have logged into your club shop to see all delivery options and prices available to you.

Can I return goods?

You can view our returns policy here for more information.